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Adding Products to the Buylist
Adding Products to the Buylist

How to have products show up on your buylist.

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The buylist is a great way restock your products, let your customers know what you're wanting more of, and can be a way encourage them to keep coming back. The buylist functions similarly to the store side of the website, except by default, categories are hidden from the buylist. You setup products that you're looking to buy, with the amount you want to buy. Your customers can then create a cart of those products they have, that they would like to sell you.

By following these 3 steps, you can list any products in your inventory to your Buylist:

1.) Ensure that the category you would like on the buylist has the box "Hide category (and subcategories) from the buylist?" unchecked.

  • This setting can be found by going to Inventory > Categories and selecting the specific category that this product is located in.

  • Hiding/Unhiding categories affects any subcategories you change the option on.

2.) Set an Optimum Quantity (Opt Qty) for the product.

  • This is the amount of a product you wish you had in stock at all times.

  • As soon as your quantity amount is below the optimum quantity amount, this product will be listed on your Buylist. This is determined per variant, so there is an Opt Qty for Near Mint English, as well as Light Play English.

  • The difference between the Opt Qty and the Qty will be the amount on the buylist.

  • For example if you have 3x NM of product “A”, and an optimum quantity of 10x, your buylist would reflect that your store is wanting to buy 7x of product “A”.

3.) Set a Buy Price for the product.

  • This is how much you would like to spend when buying this product.

  • The product variants will automatically calculate lower prices for the conditions based on the product type.

You can learn more about accepting, and dealing with Buy Orders, in this article: Accepting and Processing a Buy Order

NOTE: You may have a spot on the first Buylist page to display featured buylist products. These are typically controlled through tags. The Banner manager and Product Tagging Basics article goes over the process for adding to the featured products spots.


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