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Potential Solution for "eBay Auction could not be posted: [240]" & "Funds from your sales..." errors
Potential Solution for "eBay Auction could not be posted: [240]" & "Funds from your sales..." errors

Ways to troubleshoot these two error messages if you are getting them in your notifications when listing to eBay.

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The two possible messages from eBay about this issue are:

"Funds from your sales will be unavailable and show as pending in your PayPal account for a period of time."

"Attention! It looks like you don't have a reimbursement payment method on file with us. To complete your listing, please add a payment method. This payment method will be charged the amount due to eBay when we’ve refunded a buyer for cases brought under our Buyer Protection Policy."

Both errors are related to a problem within their eBay account and don't have anything to do with us or our software.

As this is an error generating from eBay that isn't being triggered by something within our system, it is best to contact eBay support. It has been reported that eBay tends to deny that this could be related to them, so the only course of action is to be persistent with the support team member that you get in touch with.

The primary reason for this error is explained on this link:
eBay funds availability

If that doesn't apply to you, then eBay can deliver this error message for several different reason, and are five things we know of that will possibly fix it:

  1. For the "Funds will be unavailable" error, wait. We actually ran into this error ourselves when our eBay store account for testing, and the listing ended up posting onto our eBay account within a few days of receiving this error in our notifications.

  2. eBay has to recognize your account as a Store account. There should be a way to do this in their eBay preferences, but you may want to contact eBay if you can't find it. You need to have all of your account info (like phone, address, etc) correct within your eBay Store settings. You also need to have a valid paypal account and credit card on file, and eBay has to authorize the credit card, which can take up to 24 hours.

  3. Double-check to make sure that you are allowing third party integration by going to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences. On this page, you can scroll down to general preferences, one of which is third party authorizations where you can make sure Crystal Commerce is allowed.

  4. Make sure not to include certain phrases in your eBay templates. Unfortunately, eBay doesn't have a public list of excluded phrases, but this includes email addresses, the word "email", phone numbers, and the phrase "power seller."

  5. You may be receiving this error because your listing limit is reached. In this case, contact eBay support, and in some cases, they will raise your limit upon request.

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