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Hardware - Zebra LP 2844 (GC420d) Label Printer Settings
Hardware - Zebra LP 2844 (GC420d) Label Printer Settings

Label printer settings for Zebra LP 2844 (GC420d)

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Setting up a Zebra LP 2844 printer:

After hooking up your printer, you need to install the drivers. If they did not come with the printer, you can find them here:

After the drivers are installed, you will want to go to Devices and Printers.

Here you will see your printer. In my case it’s titled “UPS Thermal 2844”

Right-Click on the printer, and select Printer Properties. Then go to the Printer Settings tab. Here you want to mark the “Always use drivers settings” checkbox.

Once again right-click on the printer, but this time go to “Printer Preferences.” Here you want to make sure you have the correct label size selected.
 Stocks User Defined Paper Format Inch, Portrait Size 4” x 6”

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