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How to log into your Crystalcommerce admin to view your inventory and website

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When you first attempt to go to your admin (STORENAME-admin.crystalcommerce.com), it will redirect you to accounts.crystalcommerce.com.

Here you would sign in with your email address and password. If you went to the Admin URL, and then signed in. It should redirect you back to your admin.

If the page does not redirect back to the admin. You will be on accounts.crystalcommerce.com. You can just change the URL to the admin, and it will take you to the Dashboard page.

Otherwise, on accounts.crystalcommerce.com, you will have a series of links. There will be one that says STORENAME: admin, pos. The words admin and pos will be links to those pages for your admin.

If you encounter problems logging in email support@crystalcommerce.com and include your Account Manager or onboarder in the email.

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