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Updating your Facebook and Twitter links
Updating your Facebook and Twitter links

How to sync and link your Facebook and Twitter pages on your website

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Adding a link to your Facebook and Twitter pages is simple and easy with our system. If you have a Facebook* or Twitter account and you're using one of our starting design templates, you can use our system to add both links on the front page of your store.

To add your Facebook and Twitter links:

  1.  Navigate to the Account > Locations tab

2. Click the edit button in your store location row.

3. On this page, you can add store information and the links to your various accounts. Make sure you include the "http://" or just "//" (no quotes in either case). It will not work properly if you don't include one of those options for your various URLs.

*Important Note:

Any Facebook link (account, page, group) will work for the standard social icons, 

However, if you have a Facebook feed widget, social tabs widget, etc, then you must only enter a facebook "Page" url. The feed widget does not support "accounts" or "groups"

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