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Getting started with ccLabs Blog Theme
Getting started with ccLabs Blog Theme

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This tutorial will give you instructions on using your new WordPress (WP) template based on ccLabs blog theme. This tutorial is an article on how to use the blog theme only. Since WP is an opensource platform, there are training resources available to learn more about customizing your colors or utilizing 3rd party plugins to name a few. If you would like to learn more about WP, we included the link on how to use WP here.

Now, with your template you will be able to do all the basics from WordPress, and including some features like changing your own logo, favicon, column direction, and even custom css based on your knowledge.

Changing your title, tagline, logo, favicon

Log in and access the Appearance > Customize.

Now click Site Identity, here you will be able to add your sites titles, and upload images.

Changing columns

Log in and access the Appearance > Customize field in your sidebar.
Now click Columns section, here you can set the column to left or right.

Adding widgets

In the customize field goto Widgets, here you can choose which areas to add/remove widgets.

  • Header Widgets: This is the top bar section, which holds up to two widgets maximum.

  • Sidebar: Adds any widgets to your sidebar.

  • Footer Widgets: There are 4 columns in your footer to hold widgets.

Editing your navigation

There's only one main menu, it is the visible one in your header, and is also for mobile (offcanvas).
To edit what links are in it just edit the Menus section.

Adding custom styles

You are able to add your own css styles to the site if you understand markup.
In the customize field goto Additional CSS, for any major changes please contact our design team.

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