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Editing the Product Page
Editing the Product Page

How to change the information (MSRP, barcode, SKU, domestic sale only) on your products

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Editing the Product Page

The edit button is how you change the product information for existing products.

Features of the edit button:

Product Info:

  • Name: The product's name.

  • Category: The category that product is assigned to.

  • Tags: The field used to add specific tags to products.

  • Max Quantity: The max amount of that product one person can order at one time.

  • Barcode: Where to assign a barcode to a product.

  • ASIN: The Amazon Identification Number.

  • Manufacturer SKU: The SKU assigned to the product from the manufacturer.

  • Preorder item: This will classify the product as a preorder product, after checking the box you will be able to set a date when the item will be available and toggle whether or not it is available.

  • MSRP: The retail price of the product.

  • Tax Exempt: Will make the product tax exempt, normally used for food and beverages.

  • Domestic Sale Only: Will only allow the product to be purchased domestically.

  • Upload Photo: Where you upload a photo for the product.

  • Description: This is where you would put a description of the product.

Variant Info:

  • Infinite qty: Will make the quantity of the specific variant next to the check box unlimited.

  • Reserved qty: This is where you would set a reserve quantity for a product, once the product's quantity reaches the reserved quantity or goes below it. It show up as out of stock on all integrations and front end website, but will be accessible on the POS.


  • Weight: Set the weight of the product.

  • Packaging Preset: Allows you to choose a packaging preset for the item, inferring you have already made a packaging preset option.

Note: This Video is a bit outdated. However, we will have a New video soon!

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