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How to set up Endicia
How to set up Endicia

Setting up Endicia for shipping products and printing pre paid postage

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Our Endicia integration allows you to print pre-paid postage from the Order details page. You will need to set up an ELS Label Server Basic account with Endicia ($15/month), and enter some information in your Crystal Commerce admin in order to enable this integration.

To enable Endicia in your admin:
1. If you have not already done so, sign up for your ELS Label Server Basic account.
2. After sign-up, Endicia will send an email to your account. In that email you will get an Account ID and a temporary pass phrase.
3. In your CrystalCommerce admin, navigate to Account > Postage and enter your Account ID and Temporary Pass Phrase
4. Create a new Pass Phrase and enter it on the same page.
5. Click connect.

You should be taken to a new page where your Endicia account status information and a set of controls for the Endicia integration are located. You can purchase more postage from Endicia on this page, refund labels that you have printed, and select a default postage option.

If your account status is ever listed as inactive, troubleshoot that here.

Endicia Setup Video

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