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How to contact your Design Team
How to contact your Design Team

Contacting the web design team to make advanced changes for your website

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Your CrystalCommerce team have dedicated designers that are available to assist with product promotion and brand marketing efforts by helping you on logo design, web banner creation and website customization. From time to time, corrections and additional elements are needed to enhance your website. In order to do that you would need to connect with your designers at CrystalCommerce. This article will walk you through the simple process of sorting your request before connecting with your designers.

There are 3 kinds of request forms found in your Design > Design Request Form tab, these are Logo requests, Site Design requests, and Small Design requests. Each of these requests are billable requests with the exception of corrections.

New Logo Only Design Request is used to ask your designers to create a logo for you. The form asks for your largest finished logo file with a transparent background (if available), other brands that inspired your logo, colors, and keywords that illicit action or mood. In the final part of the form, it will ask you if the file you submitted is an inspiration or if your designer can create a totally new logo for you.

New Site Design Request requires more information since it is more than just a logo. Your designer would like to understand your motivations, priorities, and goals and gather technical information such as color, social media usage, or even if third party ads are involved. We understand if you find this inconvenient. If you do, simply go to, click the Design icon, and signup for a consultation. Our design specialists will walk you through the process and submit it to our designers.

New Small Design Request is for general usage of any other requests including corrections. Corrections are not billed since our designers are restoring functions that should have been working properly in your website. Other small design requests are considered billable. Essentially, if you are unsure use this form and CrystalCommerce will guide your request to the right place.

It is important to note that designers quote billable requests at an hourly rate and would gladly provide it to you before executing your Logo and Site Design requests. Small design requests, however, are automatically executed unless a quote is requested first. In addition, if the Small Design request would exceed $250.00, your designer will reach out to you regarding your request.

For additional questions regarding Design Requests, please contact your onboarder or account manager.  

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