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Titles and Tags for Dynamic Displays
Titles and Tags for Dynamic Displays

How to use titles and tag names for your product display on your website to help you promote products that your store carries.

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Within this document we are going to discuss the importance of titles and tag names, and how they affect one another. Not only do they act as the controlling link between your admin inventory to your site displays, but they also help you organize, promote, and prioritize the products your store carries.

If you decided to incorporate at least one product display, then this document is for you.

What are titles?

  • Titles are naming convention you give to any product display that will be on your site. From grids to carousels to advanced lists, all of our product displays requires a title.

What are tags?

  • Tags are names provided by your quality control designer for you to call out which products you want to show on your dynamic displays.

  • You can look at them like a code for an input/output process. You input the tags to a set of products in your inventory and out comes those products to the designated display.

Why are tags important and how are they related to the titles?

  • Tag names cannot be created without the titles, which is a huge reason why providing them ahead of time is important.

  • Once you have provided the titles, tag names are usually generated by using key words, or the entire title, of each product display.

Can you give me a physical example of how tags are related to titles?

  • If you choose to name your product display title as “Standard” then the tag name would most likely be “Standard”. If you had given the title “Top Magic Singles”, then the tag name would probably be “Top Magic Singles”.

  • The title of your display and the tag name will not always be an exact match, but will at least be very similar and contain some of the words from the title.

What if I forget the tag names?

  • To see your tag names add this string to the end of your website url. /?mytags

  • Your tags will pop up in red boxes in front of your dynamic displays and banners.

  • Example:

How should I name my Product Displays?

  • We recommend that your titles specify at least a game and/or a category.

  • Bad examples would be: “Common Products”, “Featured Cards”, or “All Boosters”. These titles are too generic and can target most, if not all, of your products.

  • Good examples would be: “Top Magic Singles”, “Yugioh New Releases”, “Standard”, “Modern”, or “Yugioh Boosters”. These titles are specific enough where your customer can expect those products to show and generic enough for you to continuously update them in the future without change.

  • Other good examples are rarity names, format names, top deal or promotions within your store.

Why can’t I decide my titles after my site is coded?

  • Providing titles previous to the coding phase will help speed up your overall process.

  • Since tags are developed from titles, more time is wasted when our quality control designers have to create tag name after your site was inspected rather than during.

If you need more assistance, you can direct your questions to either your account manager or your designer.

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