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Hiding a Product Line from TCGPlayer
Hiding a Product Line from TCGPlayer

How to hide certain product types so they are only available on your website and not TCGPlayer.

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Hiding a Product Line from TCGPlayer:

As you know, our Integration with TCGPlayer is all encompassing and automatically pulls in applicable products.  This typically includes Singles and Sealed products for Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon and Cardfight! Vanguard.  There is not a way to select which products do and do not list within a specific product line.  However, it is possible to disable an entire line of products from listing.

For example, let’s say that you do not want to sell your Magic Sealed Products on TCGPlayer, but want to sell all of those other lines.  You can follow these steps to sever the connection between your Product Type and TCGPlayer:

First, you will want to de-list any currently synced Magic Sealed Product from TCGPlayer. To do that, go to your Inventory > Categories page, and click on your category for Magic Sealed Product to edit it.

Next, check the box for "hide category (and subcategories) from the main site", and save. If a category is hidden from your website, it will also be hidden from TCGPlayer.

After hiding the category, go to your Account > Integration page and click on the TCGPlayer tab. You will want to wait for the "Awaiting Sync" number to reach 0 before moving onto the next step to make sure your products are de-listed.
Note that TCGPlayer updates 500 products every 5 minutes. So if you have 1000 awaiting sync, it will take 10 minutes to go through.

Once the desync from the category being hidden is complete, navigate to Inventory > Types, and select the corresponding Product Type. In this case, we will select Magic Sealed Products.

In each Product Type, there is a list of Conditions, with a series of drop downs to map how each Condition shows on the external Channels.  The Official Catalog column will control how the products show on TCGPlayer.

If the options are blank, they will not sync to TCGPlayer. If the options are set to the same Product Type as the Catalog, they will sync. If the options are already set, you can't choose a Blank option again. There is a selection for TCGPlayer desync. There's a good dozen options for that, and you would need to select a Unique one for each Condition listed.

Once you have saved these "TCGPlayer Desync" option in the Official Catalog mapping and saved the product type, you can go back to edit the category, and unhide it from your website.

Note: After you Desync the Category, future products imported will not receive SKUs from our Catalog.  This will make listing these products to Amazon not possible.  Keep that in mind before Desyncing any Product line in this way. 

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