TCGPlayer Pre-Orders

How to enable your TCGPlayer account so that you can sell presale items on TCGPlayer.

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If Pre-orders are not listing on TCGPlayer follow these steps.

First, log into your TCGplayer Admin and click on the My Details tab, under this tab you will see an Enable Presales checkbox, you will be able to click the box only if you are currently eligible for the Presale program

Once you click the link, a pop-up box with the Presale Terms will appear, just confirm that you agree to the terms and click Agree

You will then need to confirm that you do want to opt into the program and understand that this means your Presale inventory will be live as soon as you press Confirm.

If you would like to opt out of TCGPlayer's Presale program, log into your TCGplayer Admin, click the My Details tab and then uncheck the Enable Presales checkbox, you will then need to agree to the following information by pressing Confirm and you'll be out of the program.

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