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Missing ASINs/SKUs when listing to Amazon
Missing ASINs/SKUs when listing to Amazon

What to do if you see that products you are attempting to list to Amazon have either missing ASIN or missing SKU

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At times when attempting to list products to Amazon, there are a couple of common errors that will come up.

The most Common, is Missing ASIN, or Missing SKU. Both are unique pieces of information the system uses to sync products to Amazon.

The ASIN points to a specific product, and the SKU is for the specific condition of that product you're listing to.

So as you're going through listing products to Amazon, you may see either of these errors.

Missing ASIN: 

You will search up a product on the Amazon Channels page. When you hit manage to list the product, instead of the List button, it will say "Missing ASIN"

There's two possible reasons for this issue. The item in our catalog may be missing the ASIN. In this case, you could look up the product on Amazon, and grab the ASIN, and add the ASIN to the product in the admin. You would scroll down to the Product Information section, and there it should display the ASIN.

You copy and paste the ASIN into the Product information. On the Inventory > Products page, search up the product, and hit the Edit link beneath the name of the product.

The other issue that can occur, is that we have the ASIN associated to the product in our catalog, but for some reason your product will be missing that information. In this case, the ASIN field on the product will be greyed out, and it will not allow you to change the ASIN. In this case, you will need to reach out to the Support staff, and they will be able to help you correct that.

Missing SKUs:

SKUs are an Identifier for what condition you're sending to amazon. The system adds SKUs to the products when you add quantity to the Individual conditions of the product. It can take some time, so once you add quantity, you should probably wait an hour or so before attempting to list the products to Amazon.

The SKUs are generated by our catalog, and it's not information that can be sourced, and added to the products manually. If you get the Missing Sku error on a product, you will need to reach out to the support team for them to help you correct that. They can push out the information from the catalog.

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