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How to change the Condition of eBay listings through eBay
How to change the Condition of eBay listings through eBay

Explanation of how to update an eBay listing's condition through your eBay account.

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With the upcoming changes to the eBay integration, you may be needing to change the condition of the products that you currently have listed onto eBay. This article goes over how to accomplish this through the eBay admin panel.

Let's use Magic Singles as an example. I want to make sure my Near Mint condition cards are listing as Used, and not New since it is not possible to meet eBay's new policies regarding New condition products with Magic Singles.

First, let's double check to make sure the setting new listings to the correct condition on ebay. On the Admin, go to Inventory, then Types, and Select Magic Singles. Here you want to scroll down to the Condition section, and make sure the eBay column is set to list the conditions as the value you want.

Searching Active Listings

1. On Ebay, click on My eBay at the top of the page.

2. On the left, on the Summary list, Select Active, to go to your active listings.

3. In the Item Title search field, search for NM-Mint
4. Below the Create listing button, is a checkbox to select all the listings, mark that checkbox.
5. Click the Edit button to the right of the Create listing button, and select Edit Selected

Edit Listings

6. Select the Checkbox to mark all the listings.

7. Click Edit Fields, and select Condition

8. Under Condition select Change to, and select Used in the second dropdown.
9. Under Condition Description, select Change to. and enter a description for Near Mint, if you want one.

10. Click Save and Close
11. Submit Changes

If you have any other conditions listing as New, you will need to repeat these steps for the other conditions.

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