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POSv3 Cash Drawer Overview
POSv3 Cash Drawer Overview

POS. Cash Drawer.

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The Cash Drawer is a new feature available to Point Of Sale v3 users! This article covers cash drawer setup and configuration. If you'd like to enable PIN Verification, check out the separate PIN Verification article.


To get started, you must create a cash drawer. Go to the Account > Cash Drawers page in your admin. Click "New Cash Drawer". Give it a name and save.

Now you can set up an association between your new cash drawer and a computer or mobile device. To do this, open the POS and go to Menu > Settings. Find the Cash Drawer setting and choose your cash drawer from the dropdown.

Note: If you do not see your new drawer immediately, please refresh the page. If the dropdown is greyed-out, please review your user's privileges in the admin and make sure that "Manage POS" is checked.


You now have access to common cash drawer functions, via the new menu in the top-right:

Open (Shift Start): Use this option to open your till at the start of your shift. Enter in the amount of cash that your till will start with.

Close (Shift/Day End): Use this option to close your till at the end of your shift or at the end of the day. After counting the cash in your till, you should use the "Y-Out" action to end your shift and leave the cash in the till and the "Z-Out" action to end the day and remove all cash from the till.

Access the Till: If you need to access the till outside of a transaction, you can use the "Access the Till" option. Use this option to make sure your till count is not off at the end of your shift. This option will also trigger a printable memo that you can place in your till.

In some setups, the act of printing to your receipt printer can also be used to "pop" open your physical cash drawer.

Activity Log

At the end of the day, you may access your X, Y and Z reports via the Cash Drawer Activity Log in the admin. To access the activity log, click on a drawer name. This will bring up all of the activities logged against this cash drawer over the course of the day.

Sample Y-Out Report:

Resolving Discrepancies

A discrepancy is when a manual till count does not match the expected amount of cash in the till. When a discrepancy occurs, discrepancy flags will show up in the Cash Drawer Manager in the admin. Click on any of these flags to view the cash drawer's discrepancy history, and mark the discrepancy as "resolved" once you've reviewed it.

Printer/Hardware Setup

The only way to get your cash drawer to open during a cash transaction is to use a printer that connects to the cash drawer and send commands to it. While there are several that will work, the cash drawer printer that we recommend and offer support for is the Epson TM-T20.

This printer comes with drivers that you must install and configure in the following way in order to pop your cash drawer. You will need to edit the Printing Preferences of your Epson TM-T20 and change the settings in the Peripherals tab to open the cash drawer, as pictured here.

Walk-Through Video

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