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Channels > Amazon > AmazonMWS Account Setup Tab Overview
Channels > Amazon > AmazonMWS Account Setup Tab Overview

How to set up Amazon for your Crystalcommerce admin

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Channels > Amazon > AmazonMWS Account Setup Tab Overview

The Channels > Amazon > AmazonMWS Account Setup Tab is where you can sync your AmazonMWS account with your CrystalCommerce admin.

If you already have your AmazonMWS account synced, you can navigate here to adjust your Amazon price multiplier and modifier.

Note: Clients conducting business outside of the United States will not be able to sync their Amazon account to CrystalCommerce.

To set up your AmazonMWS Account use the following steps:

A. Within the Admin select the Channels > Amazon tab
B. In the Account Setup section follow the steps listed:

  1. Check the box to enable your account

2. Visit Your Amazon Marketplace Web Service Signup Page
3. Select "I want to give a developer access to my Amazon seller account with MWS"
4. Fill in "Developer's Name:" with "CrystalCommerce"
5. Fill in "Developer Account Number:" with "3535-1522-4438"
6. Click the "Next" button
7. Agree to the terms an conditions and click "Next"
This will bring you to a page that will display the required information relevant to steps 8 and 10
8. Enter your Seller account identifiers for CrystalCommerce below:

9. Next, visit your Seller Central Account Info page
10. Enter your Merchant Token
11. Configure your AmazonMWS Global Price Multiplier
This feature will multiply the price of your sell price on your Amazon listings ($4.00 x 2.0 multiplier = $8.00 on AmazonMWS)
12. Configure your AmazonMWS Global Price Modifier
This feature will add to your sell price on your Amazon listings ($4.00 + 0.25 modifier = $4.25 on AmazonMWS)
13. Configure your shipping options and prices in Seller Central
14. Use this section to map Amazon shipping options to your configured shipping services

These should correspond to the preferred shipping methods that you have set up on the Account > Shipping tab.  If you do not want to offer an option for one or more of these options, you can just leave it blank here

Note: Handling time (in days) is the number of business days between when an order is placed and when it is shipped.  This information will appear in your listings.  Ensure that this info matches the settings in your amazon account.
15. Orders can only be held for 30 days, this includes preorders. You should not set up preorders until 29 days before release

C. Click Start Listing on Amazon!
D. Continue to the Create AmazonMWS Listings page and begin listing your products on Amazon

Amazon Account Setup Training Video

For an overview of the Amazon Tab Click Here.

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