Syncing Products to TCGPlayer

Overview of what products sync to TCGPlayer, and what can cause them not to sync

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The TCGPlayer sync is all automatic. Singles for Magic, Yu-gi-oh, Cardfight Vanguard, and Pokemon as well as Yu-gi-oh and Magic Sealed products all get mapped up to TCGPlayer as we enter the products into our catalog. We add the product data and send the information to TCGPlayer. Once the products are setup on their end, products will begin to sync.

Preventing products from syncing to TCGPlayer:

Preventing an individual product from syncing to TCGPlayer isn't a trivial thing. You will have to create a condition value in the product type specifically for this purpose. For more information on how to do that, check out our article here.

Hide a Category:

To hide a category from TCGPlayer, you would go to Inventory > Categories, and select the category you want to hide. There is an option for "Hide category and subcategories from the mainsite". Mark that option, and Save.

This will prevent products in this category from showing up on the Website, as well as TCGPlayer.

Hide a Product Line:

To hide an entire product line, you would need to adjust the Product Type. You would go to Inventory > Types, and select the corresponding product type. 

In each product type, there is a list of Conditions, with a series of drop downs to map how each condition shows on the external channels.

The Official Catalog column will control how the products show on TCGPlayer.

If the options are blank, they will not sync to TCGPlayer. If the options are set to the same product type as the Catalog, they will sync. If the options are already set, you can't choose a Blank option again. There is a selection for TCGPlayer desync. There's a good dozen options for that, and you would need to select a Unique one for each condition listed.


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