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Learn How to Market Your Brand Online
Market your business with social media advertising
Market your business with social media advertising

How to utilize different social media channels to market your business and online store

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Social Media Advertising
Social Media is a very necessary tool to utilize for a business to thrive and grow in today’s market.  Your Social Media presence is key to reaching and building a fan base for your brand.

Your business should definitely have a presence on Facebook and Twitter, but depending on what your business specializes in, it may be beneficial to utilize Twitch, Pinterest and YouTube as well.  Many of these sites link with programs such as Hootsuite, which make it easy for one central post to update across all of your Social Media Platforms.  This can maximize your efficiency and alleviate the need to individually update all of your feeds.

Platforms such as Facebook allow you to pay to promote your posts. This feature is called Boost.  Once you make a post, you will see the option to Boost it.  This is a fabulous way to get your posts seen by thousands of potential customers and their Facebook friends.  It is important when adopting this business model that you keep a budget set aside to consistently boost posts.  Due to the way Facebook’s algorhythms filter content, non-Boosted posts will receive far less traffic than anything Boosted.  To alleviate this, it is best to condition your customers to come directly to your Facebook page on a regular basis.  Promotions and giveaways are typically the best way to do this.

Promotions such as coupon codes, in-store specials, pre-orders and event registration should be blasted across all of your Social Media Platforms.  This is a fantastic way to maximize traffic to your store at key points.

Producing content is another key piece to your Social Media Advertising.   It is important to continuously produce a stream of engaging content to involve your fan base and turn them into repeat customers.  Blog posts, video segments and enthusiast write-ups are just a small fragment of what you can create to keep your fan base engaged.  This is also important so that the content you are delivering and promoting on Social Media is varied and distinct.  This will avoid your advertisements appearing to be “spam”.

Facebook Groups are another very useful tool.  Search Groups in your local area that revolve around your trade.  If your Store specializes in Magic: The Gathering, look for locally based groups for Magic enthusiasts.  In most cases, advertisements or relevant content that you post in these groups will be seen by your desired audience because they receive a notification of your post in the group by default.  These groups are monitored, so it is important to keep content relevant and avoid abusing post limits within the groups.

In the world of Twitter, Hashtags are very important for tracking similar posts.  Familiarize yourself with trending hashtags in your specialized area of business and add these to your posts.  That way, when someone searches for that subject, your post will appear.  For example, if you post about the upcoming Magic: The Gathering set, you should add Hashtags such as: #magicthegathering #mtg #aetherrevolt #preorder

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