Inventory Tab Overview

General overview of the inventory page in the admin, which links to help articles for each inventory sub-page, Milestones.

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If you are reading this article, I hope you have made adjustments to your admin already and finished setting up your website to receive payments. If you have not done that yet, go ahead and come back after you have made changes to your settings. 

Inventory Tab Overview
The Inventory Tab is where you will update prices and quantities for your products in the admin.

You will also go through the Inventory Tab to import new product data from our master catalog to your Inventory > Products tab and create new folders in the Category folders where the product data will be stored in your admin.

The Inventory Tab consists of 6 sub-tabs:

These articles lead back to this main Inventory tab overview so go ahead click an article and come back to this page when you are done with the sub-tab article.

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