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Force of Will Variants and Descriptors
Force of Will Variants and Descriptors

A list of the variant and descriptor values for the Force of Will Singles product type

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  • Descriptors/Variants Values cannot be copied/pasted as a list of comma-separated values; they must be entered into the values field individually.

  • Descriptors/Variants expecting arbitrary values (like an artist's name) are left blank. These Descriptors/Variants must be entered into the product type with nothing in the values field.

Variant        Value(s)
Condition    NM-Mint, Light Play, Moderate Play, Heavy Play, Damaged
Language    English

Descriptor    Value(s)
Attribute    Light, Fire, Water, Wind, Darkness, Void, Multi-Attribute, Moon
Card Effect
Card Name
Card Number
Card Type
Rarity        S, SR, R, U, C, PR

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