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Account > Integration Tab Overview
Account > Integration Tab Overview

How to view and manage the different integrations on the account page

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Account > Integration Tab Overview

The Account > Integration tab in the admin is where you will be able to see and setup a few of the integrations you have synced up with your CrystalCommerce admin.

The visible integrations on this tab are eBay, TCGPlayer, Google Analytics, Olark, UPS Mail Innovations, and Bellbot.

It's important to know that this tab is where you will be able to establish in the admin where your items are being shipped from for eBay.

You will also be able to set the max amount of days allotted to get an item to the shipper for an eBay order, and setup a "Default Positive Feedback Message" for your eBay orders.

You can also see and add your Account Name for eBay here, but you will also need to go to Channels > eBay Tab in the admin to complete the setup for your eBay account to sync with your CrystalCommerce admin.

Another extremely valuable feature in the Account > Integration tab is the TCGPlayer multiplier and modifier function under the TCGPlayer tab.

This will allow you to you adjust how much a product in your admin lists on TCGPlayer compared to your website and point of sales.

This is a great feature to use to help your business endure the fees when selling through TCGPlayer.

For an overview of the Account tab Click Here

If you have established the prices and quantities of your inventory you can:
Start integrating your inventory with TCGPlayer Click Here
Start integrating your inventory with eBay Click Here
Start integrating your inventory with Amazon Click Here

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