Channels > Amazon Tab Overview

The Channels > Amazon page, where you can setup the Amazon integration and list products to Amazon.

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Channels > Amazon Tab Overview

The Channels > Amazon Tab is where you will list products from your CrystalCommerce admin to Amazon. You can also adjust your price multiplier and modifier for how much your products lists on Amazon.

First, sync your Amazon account with your CrystalCommerce admin.
To learn how to sync your Amazon account click here.

Note: Clients conducting business outside of the United States will not be able to sync their Amazon account to CrystalCommerce.

Once synced, learn how to list in Amazon by clicking here.

The Channels > Amazon tab consist of 2 sub-tabs:

  • Amazon MWS Account Setup - where you sync your accounts

  • Create AmazonMWS Listings Tab Overview - where you list your products

For an overview of the Channels Tab Click Here

To learn about ASINs Click Here

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