Inventory > Mass Create Tab Overview

Import a csv file using the mass create tool to bulk update multiple products at once, or bulk create items.

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Inventory > Mass Create Tab Overview

A very efficient way to quickly manipulate large amounts of inventory data is to use what is known as a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file. CSVs are data files that can be opened and edited using a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel. The information stored in these files can be uploaded into your CrystalCommerce admin through the Mass Create tool, and can make more complex and targeted changes to your inventory than batch updates.

The CrystalCommerce admin uses Product Name as the main "identifier" when making changes, which means that the Product Name must be spelled exactly right for any changes to be made to that product. Even one extra space or an un-capitalized letter in a Product Name will result in a mismatch and that line of the CSV will be ignored. It is therefore easiest to start with a CSV that has been exported from our system, because it will already have all of the Product Names completed correctly. You can export a CSV of any search you can perform in the Inventory > Products tab by clicking the “Export to CSV” button instead of the “Search” button. These exports can be downloaded from the Notifications > Generated Reports area of the admin. Please reference the Exporting Product Info video below for more information.

Mass Create Tab Overview Video

Exporting Product Info to .CSV Video

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