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Dashboard, Get a quick glance on what's going in your store

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Features of your CrystalCommerce Dashboard:

  • View Website: Redirects you to your front end website. Control this by changing the Account > Store > Frontend tab under the Storefront Host name field

  • News feed and Updates: Updates about our system, catalog, and other useful information for your store

  • Dashboard Statistics: This bar graph can be altered to show you: Daily Revenue, Category Revenue, Payment Breakdown, Order Breakdown, and Daily Shipped

  • General Stats: Displays your stats of the following categories: Financial, Orders, Buy Orders, Customers, Inventory, Tax Reports

  • Communicator Inbox: Allows you to view internal as well as external e-mails that are linked up to your CrystalCommerce admin.

  • Top Selling Products: A list of your top selling products

  • Top Selling Categories: A list of your top selling categories

  • Oversell Alerts: Notifications of product oversells

  • Customers Statistics: Displays outstanding store credit

All throughout the admin:

Your Notifications link is all throughout the upper right hand side of the admin. Once you click this link you will be able to see two sub tabs. You will read the errors or successes of changes you are making in the admin under Notifications and you will be able to download your generated report under Generated Reports.

The knowledge base for this page is on the lower right hand side all throughout the admin. This will open an overview article on the current page you are viewing in the admin. Great for new users or employees. 

The new communication portal is on the lower right hand side all throughout the admin to start conversation with our support and onboarding team. You will also receive notifications on your design requests, updates on our catalog, and connect to our Help Center for helping articles.

Dashboard Training Video

Highlights include:

0:18-2:37 A generic overview of the Dashboard.

2:38-3:12 Here we start diving into the Communicator Inbox.

3:13-3:57 Now we go in for a deeper look at the Right column of the Dashboard.

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