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Account > Store > Frontend Tab
Account > Store > Frontend Tab

How to set up options for your frontend website, and customize the notices on your checkout page.

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Account > Store > Frontend Tab

Your Account > Store > Frontend Tab will be one of the first sections you fill out when opening your store.

It contains important information that pertains to your store as well as some custom text that can be entered for customers to view at checkout. In the Frontend tab you can edit the following options:

  • Sort Products by: Sort Products by either Name or Price

  • Display Customer Service Phone on Checkout?: This will provide customers with your Customer Service Phone Number at the time of checkout

  • New customer accounts require approval?: Whether or not you would like to approve your new customers before their account can be created and their order can be completed

  • Storefront Hostname: This will be the URL for your stores website

  • Store Contact Email: The email address that customers can send their questions and concerns to

  • Store Buylist Email: The email address associated to your buylist

  • Store Root Redirect: Please ignore this. If you have specific questions about it please contact support.

  • Site Homepage: Select which Site Page (under the Design Tab) will appear as your Homepage

  • Buylist Homepage: Select which Site Page (under the Design Tab) will appear as your Buylist Homepage

  • Locale: Which Language you would like your site to display in

  • Currency: Shows the appropriate currency for your country and automated emails

  • Exchange Rate: Please leave this set to 1

  • Auto-Translate Frontend for International Users: Whether or not you would like your site to prompt an international user to automatically translate into their desired language

  • Disable Recaptcha on user signup?: Leave this checked to avoid spam orders from hitting your site

  • Customizable text fields: Privacy Prolicy, Return Policy, Satisfaction Guarantee and Special Instructions can be customized to your specific business practices and be personalized however you wish. These will be visible to customers at the time of Checkout.

  • In-Store Pickup Location: The location where customers can pick up their orders. This can be created on the Account > Locations Tab.

  • Disable Shipping?: Deselect this if you would like to only offer in-store pickup as an option

  • Disabled Shipping Explanation: Explain why you are currently not offering shipping

Account > Frontend Tab Training Video

For an overview of the Account > Store tab Click Here

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