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Account > Store > Store Tab
Account > Store > Store Tab

How to set up your main account settings

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Account > Store > Store Tab

Your Store tab is one of the first things you will want to fill out in your admin. This page contains important information about your store. Here you will enter the following:

  • Store Name: The name of your store

  • Store Contact Person: The name of the person your customers can contact with questions and concerns

  • Store Address: The street address of your physical store

  • Store City: The city your store is located in

  • Store State: The state/province that your store is located in

  • Store ZIP: The ZIP/Postal code of your store

  • Store Phone: The phone number of your store

  • Store Country: The country that your store is located in

  • Customer Service Phone: The contact number for customers to address their questions and concerns

  • Sales Tax: The appropriate sales tax for the state your store is located in. For Canadian clients these tax rates are calculated based on your location.

  • Charge Tax on Shipping/Handling?: Whether or not you would like to charge tax on Shipping and Handling

  • Tax all orders, regardless of shipping destination?: If you would like to charge tax on all orders

  • Time Zone: The Time Zone that your store is located in

  • Enable Logo on Invoice?: Whether or not you would like your Logo to appear on your invoices

  • Cancel Unpaid Orders?: Select the number of days before your unpaid orders cancel

  • Enable Refer a Friend?: Whether you would like customers to be able to refer one another

  • Disable all customer emails?: Enable or Disable all automated emails from the admin

Note: Automated emails to customers cannot be customized. There is currently no option to send automated emails to a specific contact, they are either on or off.

For an overview of the Account > Store tab Click Here

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