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Account > Shipping Overview

Each default shipping option available in your CrystalCommerce admin may be edited to change pricing structure or cloned to offer full control over pricing as well as the service and carrier name.

Pricing for all default shipping options is calculated automatically, as described in our  article about default shipping rates. That price cannot be turned off, but you can modify that automatic price by editing that shipping option. Every shipping option has these fields that can be customized:

Per Item Fee: an additional charge assessed for each actual item in the cart.
Per Pound Fee: an amount added based on the cumulative weight of all products in the cart, plus the weight of any packaging preset that may apply.
Fixed Fee: a flat dollar amount added to the shipping charge.
End Price Percentage Fee: multiplies the automatic price provided by the shipping carrier plus any modifiers you have added by this percentage. (Set to 100 by default)

Selecting Shipping Methods

On the left is a list of the available Shipping Carriers, with blue links that are the the shipping categories available from that carrier. Clicking one of the blue links will expand that section and show you the various shipping methods available. Next to each shipping method is a checkbox. Marking the checkbox will enable that shipping method and allow your customers to choose that method for shipping. There are no International shipping methods available by default. You will want to make sure you have something selected if you plan to fulfill international orders.

Naming Shipping Methods

The carrier and service names cannot be edited in the default shipping options, but they may be changed if you choose to clone the shipping option. The cloned shipping option will retain the automatic shipping quotes and all of the previous shipping option's settings, but you may not edit the carrier and service names. Remember to uncheck the shipping option that this new one was cloned from otherwise you will have two of the same options visible in checkout.

Custom Shipping Methods

There are two main reasons to create custom shipping methods:

1. To offer a custom shipping option that does not pull rate estimates from any mail servers. Pricing on custom shipping options is entirely determined using the controls on the shipping page.

2. To modify the name of a default shipping option. The names of default shipping options may not be changed, but the name of a "clone" may be set to any value. The cloned shipping option will retain the connection to its respective mail server for pricing quotes.

To create a custom shipping option:

  1. Go to the Account > Shipping tab.

  2. Click the Create New link at the bottom of the page, next to the save button.

  3. Enter Carrier Name, Service Name, and your desired pricing options.

  4. Save your custom shipping option. It can now be found under the specified Carrier Name, in a new area called "Custom."

To clone a shipping option:

  1. Go to the Account > Shipping tab.

  2. Select the shipping option that you wish to clone, and click the "clone" link.

  3. Name and save your cloned shipping option. It can now be found under the specified Carrier Name, at the bottom of the list.

Notes: If the Carrier Name that you enter matches case and spelling with another that appears on the page, the custom shipping option will appear beneath that Carrier in your checkout page. For example, a custom shipping option with the Carrier Name "USPS" will appear in the list of USPS shipping options that you offer when a customer checks out.

Please see the video below for a full walkthrough of shipping options:

For an overview of the Account tab Click Here

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